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Gooey Digital is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Canterbury, Kent – consistently delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Social media is one of those things everyone thinks they can manage. But there’s a world of difference between knowing how to post on Instagram and knowing whether you should be.
Great social media starts with a strategy – and that’s where we show our worth.

By collaborating with your business, we’ll get a sense of what your online presence is, and where you want to take it. We’ll then advise you what the best avenues are to connect with your audience, and the best ways to go about it, with an honest appraisal of what you can expect to achieve.

We often find that businesses are plugging away at certain platforms that aren’t reaping rewards, and missing out on ones that could be. If we don’t think a social media network is worth your time, we’ll tell you – and outline the alternatives that could serve you better.

Posts that make you go 😲

Social media is about more than just posting in the right places. Our social media strategies will help you with:

Social strategy

Appealing to people on different platforms can require different strategies. We’ll ensure that you keep a consistent tone of voice across your social media, and create content that keeps people coming back.

Content creation

Social media is a raging torrent of content, and it’s easy for posts to be washed away. From sharp videos and images to engaging copy, we’ll produce posts that stand the test of time.

Community management

Social media is meant to be social – so if you’re posting into the void, it isn’t doing its job. We’ll outline a strategy to build a relevant, engaged audience, and retain them over the long term.

Paid promotion

Social media is a great avenue for advertising, but only if you do it right. We’ll help you target the right audience for your paid media campaigns, ensuring that you make the best use of your budget.

Reputation management

Being transparent and available online can also open your business up to criticism. We’ll help you to field queries and feedback on your social platforms, and ensure you’re being represented in the best light.

Why social media is important

Your website may not be the first – or last – place a potential customer encounters you. With many websites remaining fairly static, social media is often the most active part of your online presence. It serves as both a promotional tool and point of reference to what you’re doing today.

The value of social media depends heavily on the nature of your business. For some, it is the primary place that your audience spends their time, making it vital that you connect with them there. For others, it’s an avenue for customer support, and a way to network with other businesses.

The mistake many businesses make is assuming that the more social media platforms they engage with, the more conversions they will receive. By choosing the right agency, you can ensure that your time is spent pursuing the right channels – and reaping the greatest rewards.

A selection of the platforms we work with

Gooey Digital have been nothing short of stellar. They worked with us from our very early days and always showed a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. They possess excellent communication skills, and the quality of their content creation is absolutely first class.

We’ve been working mainly with Nick and Holly and they have fitted into our team brilliantly, and contributed some really creative ideas to help us get out there and enhance our visibility. I would really recommend these guys; in fact I already have, including to members of my family.

Will Williams: Beeja

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