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PPC, programmatic, display, remarketing - we goo it all.

With some clients, the most notable thing upon opening their paid media account is that they’re targeting the entire world – despite only selling their products locally. With others, there is so much data to manage across so many platforms that it can be hard to know where to start.

Whether your paid media is lean or lumbering, online advertising is an iterative process, and it needs to be carefully monitored. Small tweaks to titles and descriptions can make all the difference, while large campaigns can be unwieldy beasts, requiring hours of care and attention.

It’s a good job we’re PPC whisperers. Paid search is the first thing we ever did as an agency, and it remains a core focus. Our paid search strategies combine these years of expertise with top-quality content and continual testing - delivering advertising that's effective and profitable.

Pay less, earn more

Our paid search strategies will get you spending less and making more - it really is that simple. We can help you with:

Campaign strategy

People often end up targeting the wrong platforms and failing to find an audience. We’ll make sure your ads are finding the right eyes, and turning clicks into conversions.

Campaign management

Paid media is a competitive field, and you need to be reactive. We'll observe your campaigns closely, keeping you locked onto your audience and keeping your costs down.

Ad copy

Driving conversions with less text than a tweet is no mean feat. We’ll whip your ad copy into shape, and make sure you’re speaking the language that lures people in.

Reporting & analytics

It’s easy to produce vanity metrics for paid media, but to get the most out of it, you need to look under the hood. We’ll provide regular reports to show you what’s working - and fix what isn’t.


Conversions rely as much on your landing pages as they do on the ads themselves. With methods such as A/B testing, we’ll make sure your user experience doesn’t hinder your paid campaigns.

Why paid media is important

Paid media is an umbrella term that refers to various forms of online advertising. These adverts can appear in a variety of places across the web, with the intention of driving relevant traffic to key pages. Some are priced according to time & location, while others are 'pay per click'.

Of all the different ways to approach digital media, paid media is the most immediate and agile. Where content marketing will take time to raise the profile of your website, paid media allows you to turn on traffic like a faucet, bringing users straight to your most important product pages.

The perception of paid media as a magic bullet often leads businesses to waste money, chasing useless clicks for exorbitant costs. By choosing the right agency, you can ensure that you receive a return on your investment - minimising your expenditure and maximising conversions.

A selection of the platforms we work with

Facebook Advertising

Gooey Digital have delivered great results for us over the last 18 months. We've been seriously impressed with their dedicated and proactive approach to getting things done, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

On several occasions they've gone the extra mile, often at short notice, to provide important insights on existing campaigns and suggest new ways for us to connect with our customers.

Steve Vickers: Marketing Manager at Top Villas

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