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Gooey Digital is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Canterbury, Kent – consistently delivering exceptional results for our clients.

While the methods we use for digital marketing may have changed, people haven’t. They still respond to great ideas and content in much the same way they always have. Sometimes it’s emotive, sometimes it’s educational, and sometimes it’s so weird you can’t help but share it.

Well researched, well thought out and high quality content is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s technical, insightful, thought leadership or even quirky, we go the extra mile to match our content to our clients, and deliver work that stands up to scrutiny. We follow a few simple rules…

Quality content

While we’re not short on technical wizardry, Gooey Digital have always put content first. With degree qualifications in English Literature and Journalism and credits including The Guardian, we’re sticklers for detail and lovers of languid prose.

Rich media

The writers on our team know better than anyone that words alone won’t cut it. While our fabulous copy is the keystone of SEO, content marketing increasingly relies on rich media. We can create and source great videos and graphics, keeping eyes glued to your platforms.

Content is king

From your website copy to blog posts to your social media, content defines your business – and how it ranks. Our content writing strategies pursue multiple angles of attack, creating compelling and keyword-rich content for your site and representing your values across the web.

Keyword research

While there’s nothing like a newsworthy hot-take, we try not to write aimlessly. By conducting research into what people are searching for within your industry, we’ll gear our content to your audience’s needs – attracting only the most relevant users.

Tone of voice

Wherever you post on the web, your business should sound like your business. We can produce tone of voice documentation to help you hone your style of writing – or adapt ourselves to your existing brand voice with chameleon-like speed.

Why content marketing is important

Search engines are ravenous beasts, and they feed on content. While there are numerous ways to signal to a search engine that your website is important, one of the most effective is to add engaging new content. This not only shows that it’s active, but also that it’s a valuable resource.

Quality content is currency, and the more search engines associate you with it, the faster your stock will rise. An ideal content strategy will hone the copy on your website, create new resources that draw traffic, and ensure that quality content on other websites is associated with you.

Putting these ideas into action means recruiting a diverse array of talent. Our team counts journalists, filmmakers, artists, game developers and Guardian contributors among its ranks. By pooling our expertise and delegating tasks, we can tackle even the most obtuse projects.


Our video partners

I should start by saying I’m a perfectionist. My business means everything to me and anyone who I hire needs to be of the highest standard. I was introduced to Gooey Digital about three years ago to help write copy for my website. They’re truly fantastic. Their writing is impeccable and given that writing is part of my work, I do not say this lightly.

For each piece they do for us they conduct in depth research and I often learn about my own industry through their efforts. As a result of this, I started hiring them to help with SEO and a host of other writing projects on policy groups I work with; everyone is always impressed with their work.

Moreover, Gooey Digital are prompt, good natured and not expensive. In short, they’re a gem and I imagine we will continue working together for a long-time.

Heather Mason: The Minded Institute

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