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Search engine optimisation is a bit like a tardis.

The task – improving your website’s position in the search results – can seem small from the outside. Yet successful SEO means rolling a thousand little things into one.

To maximise the impact of SEO, you need a dozen strings to your bow: amazing content, technical expertise, PR, web design, user experience, social media, video and more. That’s one big bow.

Thankfully, we’re expert archers (but not great with metaphors). Our incredible team combines experience in marketing, journalism, film-making, web development and illustration. This unique multidisciplinary approach ensures you get the best of every world, and a complete SEO solution.


SEO strategy

Like a great business plan, an SEO strategy is both the foundation of great SEO and a means of judging your progress. By listening to your needs and learning about your business, we’ll make sure that we’re working towards the same goals.



Well researched, well thought out and high quality content is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s highly technical, fun or opinion led, we go the extra mile to match our content to our clients, and deliver work that stands up to scrutiny.


Technical SEO

Your content can be great, but if it’s on a slow and buggy website, nobody will see it. We’ll assess over 150 technical SEO elements to improve the performance of your website in organic search results, and lay out plans to implement them.


Link building

In SEO, as in life, connections mean everything. Links from respected websites can provide a much-needed boost to your rankings, and we’ll help you secure them. Where some agencies grab any link they can, we ensure that ours are high quality and relevant.


Reporting & analysis

It’s a bit nerdy, but we can’t deny that we love a good report. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, explaining what we plan to do and how we’ll do it. We want to be totally transparent in our work, and we’re always around for a chat.

Why SEO is important

Being visible to potential customers in search results can make or break your business. Google alone handles an estimated 2.5 trillion searches each year, and is the main point of access for most sites. If you aren’t optimising for search engines, you could be missing out on reaching your full potential.

Search engines want to display your site on merit, but they can only work with what they’re given. And with many search terms being highly contested, you aren’t just fighting to improve the quality of your own website; you’re also reacting to what other sites are doing.

With most major businesses now investing in SEO, defining your SEO strategy is key. By choosing the right agency, you’ll ensure that your content is more compelling and better optimised than your competitors – and that your website ticks all of Google’s boxes.

A selection of the tools we use:

When we first signed with Gooey Digital we were struggling to stay visible. Since then, the team have worked wonders with us and can never do enough. The advice they have given us has been beyond value, and the quality of content and increased visibility has really helped us grow our business. I cannot rate this company highly enough.

Lee Sadd: SAMS Ltd

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