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Proud to have worked with one of Kent’s most popular tourist destinations, and apparently one of the “loveliest castle in the world”.

The challenge

Gooey Digital were approached by the internal marketing team at Leeds Castle in February 2019, enquiring about an advanced Google Ads training course.

With an active Google Ads account since 2010, the primary challenge was extracting reliable data from Leeds Castle’s various campaigns, which had increased in size and scope over the years.

The fundamental challenge in this case was one of data integrity, and how Leeds Castle could use this information to make important strategic marketing decisions in the future.

The solution

Gooey Digital was tasked with auditing the Google Ads account for all the various business services, and using the findings to design and deliver an advanced Google Ads training course to the internal marketing team.

Hosted over two days in the offices at Leeds Castle, we discussed a wealth of key recommendations to the account structure, conversion process and data capture via Google Tag Manager, with practical changes made to the various accounts in real time.

Gooey provided onsite training tailored to our business and relevant to our market. It really helped to pinpoint areas we needed to focus on.

Gooey helped me to build a new campaign from scratch, demonstrating skills I wouldn’t have been able to gain from a group training course. A comprehensive training proposal document was created prior to the training. This worked well as a tool to run alongside the training on the day.

Relevant information was added to the document during the training, this has been an excellent tool to refer back to since the training day. Follow up help was also offered, which I have used, each time receiving a quick, clear and helpful response.

I would definitely use Gooey again for future training needs.


Melanie Galvin: Leeds Castle

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