Racing TV

Increasing SEO conversions by 128%

Racing TV (formerly Racing UK) is a British television channel with 61 racecourses as shareholders, and the premier independent horse racing broadcaster in the UK and Ireland.

The challenge

Gooey Digital was initially appointed by Racing TV back in March 2014, and our primary objective was to improve the SEO performance of the website in order to increase revenue across a variety of core business objectives.

With the website containing over 1 million URLs, the main challenge was to understand how the search engines were categorising and indexing such a large number of pages, and whether users were able to find the appropriate Racing TV content in the search results.

The solution

Following an extensive technical SEO audit of the website, Gooey Digital recommended a host of changes to the technical architecture of the website, ensuring that the search engines could find, index and display content to the various target audiences.

Combined with an in-depth analysis of the horse racing industry, we identified and created a range of unique content opportunities that would appeal to both the existing horse racing community and new customers.


Through the development of a cohesive digital marketing and content strategy, combined with on-going technical SEO support, Gooey Digital have delivered (year on year):


increase in organic users


increase in organic page views


increase of core organic conversion metrics

As a digital agency, Gooey Digital has a great way of presenting what is often viewed as a complex, mystifying subject. They assisted our digital marketing and content teams in SEO, increasing traffic by over 250k, while providing PPC best practice. They really got under the skin of our business requirements.

Suzanne Newman: Digital Services Manager at Racing TV