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Safety and Management Solutions Ltd (SAMS Ltd) are a health and safety consultancy and training centre offering a wide range of classroom and e-learning courses throughout the UK.

The challenge

With a historic reliance on paid media activity to drive conversions, Gooey Digital was tasked with providing an integrated digital marketing solution in order to reduce the reliance on an increasingly competitive paid media marketplace. The overarching objective was to increase the return on investment from all digital marketing related activity.

With a range of courses on offer, one of the key considerations was to determine which courses provided the greatest opportunities for maximising revenue – taking into account the competition and the various pricing models on offer.

The solution

Following an in-depth analysis of all paid media over the previous three years, combined with a review of competitors, course prices and the profitability of all digital marketing related activity, Gooey Digital recommended a completely new strategic approach.

After identifying the unique opportunities from organic search and social media, SAMS’ paid media activity was drastically scaled back, and resources were dedicated towards the digital marketing channels that had the potential to provide the greatest returns.


Through a combination of on-site changes, content creation, ethical link building and social media campaigns, we have been enjoying a successful partnership with the team at SAMS Ltd since July, 2017.

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When we first signed with Gooey Digital we were struggling to stay visible to our Kent based customers. Since then, the team have worked wonders with us and can never do enough. The advice they have given us has been beyond value, and the quality of content and increased visibility has really helped us grow our business. I cannot rate this company highly enough.

Lee Sadd: Managing Director at SAMS Ltd

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